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Cindy Caminite

Manager - Key West Retail

Pets: Dougal, well really, 'Dougal McDougal the fine Irish Lad' is his proper name. He is a tri-color, broken coat, pure breed Jack Russel. He is in the store daily and his 'position' is meeter/greeter!

Hobbies/Interests: I love to cook. In a former career I was a live-in House Manager/Chef in private homes, so cooking is a passion. I love the outdoors and Dougal and I visit 'Dog Beach' often. Biking- is a mode of transportation here- I love it. Gardening, reading, art- I have an art collection and look forward to pursuing the Key West art galleries.

Favorite Books: Anything by Patricia Cromwell. Tales of a Female Nomad, The Help, The Outermost House

Favorite Music: I like all music, even some rap. World music - Angelic Kudjo is a favorite. Cat Power, Corrine Bailey Ray, Gretchan Parlato, Madeleine Peyroux, Esperanza Spalding. I like Daughtry, Snow Patrol, and Rob Thomas. Nina Simone is so sassy!

Favorite TV: Breaking Bad, Scandal, Revenge and The West Wing. I like NCIS solely for Abby and her cool tech tools

Favorite Movies: Desk Set is my all time favorite movie - nobody beats Hepburn and Tracy. Tracy is the designer of a computer that Hepburn, the head of the research department, thinks will be putting her department out of their jobs! It is witty, wordy and humorous. The original, 'The Women' with not a single male seen in the flick. Pretty gusty for 1939! North by Northwest and all the classic with Betty Davis, Myrna Loy...

Favorite Food: I am a vegetarian so any vegetables are my favorite. Grilled, steamed, sautéed... Veggie burgers with grilled eggplant and curried tofu is a staple when attending a BBQ.

Favorite Drink: I am a wine snob. As a chef in private homes I was afforded the opportunity to sample wines from around the world. I like New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Torrontes and Malbecs from Argentina and any red from Australia. In Key West I am now sampling Mojitos and those refreshing cucumber drinks!

Favorite Sports/Games: Basketball- I have been an NBA fan forever!

Favorite Apple Products of All Time:The 'Pismo' I still have my Pismo laptop! I have it in the store for customers to see the upside down Apple when opened!

Favorite Thing About Small Dog: Our great team! From HQ to all the stores - everybody will assist anybody and that is so rare in the workplace!


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