Small Dog Electronics believes that every person has a right to live in safety and without fear of abuse. Hope, love and respect are intrinsic values that lead to empowerment, personal dignity and equality. Small Dog is supporting shelters working to combat domestic violence during October Domestic Violence Awareness month with donations to support their great work in the communities where we operate. Each purchase of a qualified product at our retail stores will generate a donation to a local women's shelter. While it is sometimes difficult to compete with the big box stores solely on price, we do feel that we can compete effectively by being contributing and involved members of our communities.

Throughout the month of October we will be donating between $15 and $50 for items purchased in our stores, these items, when purchased will benefit local shelters in members of your your community!
  • Any Apple CPUs
  • Any Apple iPads
  • Any Beats headphones and speakers
  • Any Chill Pill Audio Speakers
  • Any Otterbox case for iPad and iPhones in stock
  • Any Lifeproof cases for iPad and iPhones in stock
  • Any Audio Engine speaker systems
  • Urbeanears Medis and Plattan headphones
  • Small Dog Electronics on-site consulting services
Small Dog Electronics is pleased to be supporting the following local shelters, shopping locally truly means supporting your local community:
  • In Burlington: Women Helping Battered Women
  • In Key West FL : Domestic Abuse Shelter, Inc.