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Emily Giddings

Sales Associate

Family: I have one sister, and three nieces and three nephews.

Pets: I have four dogs, and three of them are little! I also have two cats, but they aren't exactly my favorite animals.

Hobbies/Interests: I work on the family farm, and we raise dairy cows. We travel around the country showing them and earning recognition and prizes.

Favorite Music: I listen to a variety of music, and am always looking for new and upcoming bands.

Favorite TV: My all-time favorite show is Grey's Anatomy, and I think it's because I attended nursing school for a while.

Favorite Movies: I recently became addicted to The Heat, and now I've seen it four times; it just doesn't get old.

Favorite Food: I love all Italian food!

Favorite Drink: Almost any wine, but especially red.

Favorite Sports: My favorite sport is basketball, I still love to play a pickup game now and then.

Favorite Apple Products of All Time: I love my MacBook Pro because it's so fast and efficient, but I also use my iPhone 5 and iPad mini quite a bit.

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