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Huxley 06/18 German Shepherd Dog
Derrick Binnall writes:

Huxley is our "Fearless Leader". He watches over my girlfriend and I like a hawk. He is very good about keeping strangers at a distance on latenight walks. he's not aggressive to people but he definately commands respect by the way he carries himself around people he doesn't know.

We got him while we were living in Portland, Oregon. We were living in a pretty bad neighborhood and decided we needed a dog to keep an eye on things while we were at work. He really took to his new job like a fish to water. He's not all tough guy though. Behind that rough exterior is a sweet loving dog. He loves kids and cats (when they will hang out with him), and he's great with all of our friends.

We got Huxley for FREE from a farmer in central Oregon who lived way out in the middle of nowhere. It seems the farmer and his buddy who also had a German Shepard decided to breed them and when the puppies came they lived so far out in the country that no one would come and look at the pups. We found out about them through a friend and although he is full blooded German Shepard he doesn't have a any pedigree papers. That was fine with us because It was like a gift from god. Huxley is our angel sent down from heaven to keep us safe.

I have never had a dog as smart as Huxley. He took to obedience training really well. He learned all the basics in just a couple of months and was house broken almost immediately upon his arrival to our house. Now he has a long list of "tricks" he does for dog treats. We are workong on "roll-over" right now and he seems to be picking it up rather well. He's a total fetch addict. If there are balls or any type of toys in a house he will find them and make sure that you know he has them and is ready to play. He loves other dogs as well, although sometimes he plays a little too rough with small dogs.

This picture was taken on his first birthday! See how he's smiling. He just had a juicy steak for lunch and was outside playing with his new toys. If you are thinking of getting a dog for home security and great companionship German Shepard Dogs are the way to go.