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Jackson N/A Labrador Retriever / Australian Shepherd
Greg Hydle writes:

Date: 9/8/99 2:33 AM
Received: 9/8/99 8:42 AM
From: Greg Hydle,

I was just writing to compliment you on the service you are running for the
Macintosh industry. It is really great to involve the animal aspect into it
too. In fact I have a small dog of my own. His name is Jackson, he's seven
years old now, he is part black lab and part Australian shepherd. He loves
to play catch and can do some amazing stuff. I'm sending a picture of him
to you because he is really the most adorable dog I have ever owned or seen.
He only weighs 36 lbs. You should check him out, and feel free to use him
for whatever you like. I need to get his face out to the world. He is
really the whole package.

I really enjoyed that email you sent out about your company and what
services you provide.
Have A Nice Day!!

Greg Hydle