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Dog Friend #1041

dog friend
Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Peanut 02/09 Pomeranian
Fax 08/10 Pomeranian
Toby N/A Labrador Retriever / Terrier
Tessie N/A Shetland Sheepdog / Border Collie
TaterTot N/A Pomeranian
Jenny Sutherland writes:

I have Conan, #436, but as I have 6 doggers, they should all be included. Toby the eldest is a lab/ Terrier mix, Tessie, Border Coll/Sheltie, Peanut: Pom, Fax: Pom, Conan: Pom, TaterTot: Pom. Anyway, these are my babies. They and my Macs keep me totally sane...usually.