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Boomer N/A Beagle
Kenneth Gaghan writes:

If you get off your motorcycle for a minute or 2....

I sent you an email in June that the world's finest dog, Diamont, passed
away.....perhaps you remember.

Well, My wife Laurice "Boomer" Schwartz, while on a trip to North
Carolina, feel inlove with a 6 week old 100% Beagle, who she called
Jillian Bien.

What a great small dog (a pun was intended)

Anyway, I hope you get the pic attachment, never sent one before, made
on a Mac 6100, that I bought from you, scanned with a SnapScan 310, that
I bought from you (good little scanner).

Anyway, Boomer is happy again to have this little bundle of energy in
her life. (Not me the dog of course).

Ken lovely Northern California in the late Summer.