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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Ginger 03/20 Labrador Retriever
Dan Rahenkamp writes:

Ginger lives and breathes Frisbee and I can?t throw it enough. Once is not enough, twenty times are not enough, 1000 times are not enough. Throw it in some water & she can swim in and then she is in dog heaven.

At any one time she has 4 to 5 Frisbees but she always prefers the newest one. She has the most fun catching them and because of that you can see her run faster if she thinks she can catch up to one and catch it in the air.

She is 4 years old, 65 pounds and still acts like a puppy. When I come home from work she forces me to go out and throw the Frisbee and if I don't do it right then and there she is in my face. ?Come on dad lets go play Frisbee.?