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Dog Friend #1122

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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Hera 06/23 German Shepherd Dog
Thor 05/11 German Shepherd Dog
Kim writes:

This is Hera and Thor, they are both German Shepherds. Their favorite past-time is riding in a car, and well... stopping at mcdonalds for a cheese burger after a day of playing at the off leash park. They are both indoor dogs, who for the most part are well behaved while inside. Occassionally they think the stairs are a huge playground and run up and down them.

Our furkids are very socialable, and love adults, kids and other furkids alike. They both enjoy playing ball, and chewing on their toys. Both Hera and Thor have their own custom made bed as well as kennels for den-like sleeping and for safety when we are not home.

We had a German Shepherd prior to these furkids, but saddly we had to lay Shelby to rest on June 26/03 after 12.5 years of loyality and companionship. She is greatly missed by our whole family.