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Fred 10/13 Dachshund
Fred Krughoff writes:

Fred will celebrate his 17th birthday this November ('03) and has been my roommate now for 16 years. He came to live with me already named Fred (same as mine) which while it is confusing has been a constant pleasure. He is healthy, even if quite hard of seeing, and gets around my studio easily, sharing time between his beloved refrigerator, his bed, and my lap in front of the computer.? He is a most loving friend, and loves Macs!

** UPDATE: July 25, 2005 ** Fred is still going strong as ever, and will celebrate his 19th birthday this November. We will serve his usual White Castle hamburgers, and prepare for his 20th birthday...

** UPDATE: Nov. 2005 ** Fred passed away Oct. 4. 2005. RIP.

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dog friend