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Meeka Honey Bear 10/31 Pomeranian
John & Cathy McMullen writes:

Here's a picture of Meeka Honey Bear doing her best "Small Dog Logo" impersonation. Pretty good, eh?

Meeka is a typical Pomeranian. Loving, gentle and lot's of fun, until the neighbors come buy ... then she let's everyone know they are in her Colorado castle. She is incredibly smart and does a lot of tricks. Her pet name is "circus dog" (and pooky and muffin, etc.).

Meeka loves taking long naps in the sun, playing in her yard, enjoys eating Pedigree dog food, and having carrots for snacks. We have had the wonderful good fortune to be her friends for over 12 years. As you can see in this picture, she enjoys life to it's fullest. Meeka was born in Denver, Colorado and is AKC registered 100% Pomeranian.