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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Rory 11/19 Glen of Imaal Terrier
Annie 01/01 Cairn Terrier
Cynthia Crawford writes:

Hi! We're two terriers living in Vermont with our family. We have been getting used to a veeery cold winter here this year ('03-'04), and trying to toughen up our paws for long walks in the woods. (Annie wears boots because her little paws just freeze up.) In nicer weather we lke to play in our yard where you can see our pictures, jumping over the bar. Rory likes to go Kayaking too, as do his people. You can see lots more pictures of us on Mom's pages. Mom is an artist and does a lot of doggie paintings too. Come visit us here:

Ground hog day is coming soon. We are planning to dig the little guy up to see what he says.

Rory and Annie

Thanks again,

Cynthia Crawford

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dog friend
dog friend