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Farley 10/12 Australian Shepherd
Cindy Kilgore writes:

Hi Small Dogs,

I really would like to join the other Australian Shepherds on your webpage but my Mom is kinda computer dumb and can't get me on the screen. She's bought 4 computers from you and works on one all the time, but still can't do things - reckon you can't teach an old bitch new tricks!

Anyway, my birthday is October 12 and my name is Farley, the King of the Mountain. I live in Granville, Vermont, where the human to Aussie population is 10:1 - that's me, Renner and Cooper. I live with my Mom, Cindy, my Dad, Alan, and the 2 koo-koo kitties, Digby and Zen.

In the summer we spend a lot of time in the Maritimes whale - watching where I attempt to herd from the beach. Haven't caught one yet, but have been happily sprayed by their blows! In the winter, we try not to freeze. I have a tree called The Farley Tree, a river called Farley's River, a beach, Farley's Beach, a house and car called Farley's House and Farley's Car, and even a baby- sitter named Farley's John. Everyone knows it's Farley's World.

Small Dog's would you please make a garden variety of computers so we can dig at the same time in the Spring.

Thank you, Farley

ps - did I tell you I am 11-years young? And can I toss a cyber-biskit to all my AppleLand Aussie buds? Fetch!