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Dudley T 07/ Chihuahua / Jack Russell Terrier
Lil Deb writes:

Dudley came to me when he was a small pup. I was very sick w/ a rare illness and he was sick too ( abused and neglected). We healed together. He's healthy and strong, and he's been my best friend throughout this long ordeal.

He's a bit more spoiled than our 3 larger dogs and travels wherever we go. He's been all over Texas, New Orleans, Arkansas and especially loves the beach. Dudley is mostly Jack Russell which makes him too smart for his own good and very energetic. He has managed in the time we have had him, to usurp power and become the Alpha dog to 3 dogs 40lbs (and 15), 60lbs, and 100lbs. The 100 lb dog is his favorite live playtoy and they are best friends. It's like Mutt and Jeff.

The cat who puts up with dogs, but never another cat, thinks he is the greatest thing since sliced cheese. It makes the other dogs jealous especially when they sleep together. And he is the only one who escapes her sharp claws.