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Tweak aka Fattie 08/20 Chihuahua
Lilith writes:

My baby wasn't put down from the moment he was handed to me, and so loves being around people, mostly because he manages to get food/treats from them in under two minutes. His ears were the same size when he was a puppy (same with the eyes) and since he continually runs up and down the hall of my house at midnight, the only name he could have is Tweaker.

He's very well behaved, loves being around people, and has tons of energy (still trying to find where he's hid the coffee grindings); his favorite activity, short of chasing non-existant things across the floor and chewing up his sweaters, is laying on my lap while I code. Like all chihuahuas, he loves to cuddle under the blanket at night and burrow into any pile of clothes, blankets, or towels, especially if they've just been washed and de-furred. Every time I wash clothes, he gets mad that I've gotten rid of his scent and proceeds to fling himself into the pile and roll all three pounds of himself over the surface area.

Despite being very curious and brave, he's managed to get to be a year and a half old and all of 5" high! When I allow him to play with our neighboor's rotti Molly (in the second pic), he runs straight towards her, gets down into "doggie play" position, and bites her lip. She, being almost 100 lbs. and three feet high, growls at him and tries to stand up, leaving a growling brown mass hanging from her lip. After a few minutes of this, Molly runs over to me, as if asking to be relieved. If he can chase off a rotti and eat half a can of dog food, he'll probably live to be an old chihuahua and wear all the hall carpeting down.

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