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Bailey 04/09 Brittany Spaniel
Alan Youngblood writes:

Bailey came to us purely by chance. I work a newspaper in Florida. One of our readers sent an e-mail to our general box that said essentially this "We have a Brittany, our family is growing larger and we can't keep her. What do we do?" The person that cleaned out the box knew I had a Brittany and forwarded me the mail. My wife and I already had not only Ben but a Golden named Hunter. Two good sized dogs in a rather small house. We wanted another dog but had no room. Despite that, we were concerned that someone would take her that didn't know Brittanys (some breed books describe them as "advanced" dogs) would get her and not be able to handle her and put her in a shelter or worse. We called.

We found out she was about 6 and had been hit by a car but was almost recovered. We went out and looked anyway. We arrived at the owners mobile home and they called Bailey. She came running to us like she had known us her whole life. We chatted for a moment and asked her to get into the car. She jumped right in like she owned way back of my SUV. She grinned all the way to the Vet. She got a clean bill of health. We still asked for 24 hours to see if she got along with our boys. There was never a growl from anyone. Two hours after arriving home, she was a member of the family.

Up until Bailey we had never considered adopting an older dog. Bailey has been an unimaginable joy. Not only is she a fabulous companion and good sport, she really helped us get through the passing of our boys. Ben, the first dog we had as a family was 16 when he passed and Hunter, the golden was 15 when he passed about year later. Bailey is 9 now (we think) and still going strong. I have no idea what we did to deserver her.

Alan Youngblood
Ocala, FL