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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Kloe 12/11 Pomeranian
Kira Hands writes:

Kloe is a spunky hilarious girl. Her best friend is our mutt Brandie who is part lab part border collie. Her favorite past time is playing with a giant ball that is twice the size of her. Kloe carries not one but two bones in her mouth whenever possible, and drags around a stuffed cow she refers to as moomoo. She insists on squeaking it while running around the entire house, while the rest of the pom crew (6 other poms which were all rescued in some way or another) tries to grab it out of her mouth. Kloe is obsessed with having a sip (or gulp if she has her way) of just about anything anyone is drinking especially V8. She is surely the light of my life and my fiances.