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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Precious 05/05 Rat Terrier
Scooter 08/03 Dachshund
Lance & S'tiah Inglet writes:

Precious (I didn?t name Her; I called Her ?Baby?) was a gift to me when she was about 5 months old to ease the absence of My Ruff-monster, Ruffee (as previously showcased herein - Dog Friend #14) when I was in the Salt Lake City, UT area. We since moved to Lander, WY when I married Kelli (now S?tiah). S?tiah and the Kids had (and now we have) Scooter (Buddy, Scoo-Coo, Dorkey, Du-face, -definitely STUBBORN- and others...). Scooter is smart enough to play dumb, and dumb enough to just get in the way. Rat Terriers are smart, but most pure bred dogs have too many instincts bred into them: Presh likes to chase light; She REALLY goes crazy over even the thought of a reflection, or pen light, or anything of that sort. She?s just a nut. Scooter is usually very docile, but he becomes Vicious when he sees a furry creature. (Oh, and also: Vicious is another nickname, in a funny way, for Precious.) -Lance E & S?tiah M Inglet in Lander, WY. Below is a picture of Scooter. Look for further adventures in ?dog-dum? from the Inglet files... .

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