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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Bosch 12/25 German Shepherd Dog
Mulder 10/01 Mutt
Jenny Morgan writes:

BOSCH is 115 lbs and 30" at the shoulder. She is spayed and WONDERFULLY loving with me, but strangers better watchout. With her size, people cross the street to avoid her when we are out for a walk. She was born christmas day 1995.

MULDER is a sheltie Golden Mix and a rescue from a local shelter. She is possibly the gentlest dog in the world and is tender with newborns. She never barks, messes, threatens, chews or jumps up. She does go after squirrels with a vengence and is quite the hunter. She spent her first 8 months of life living alone on the streets, fending for herself. She is quite the Mouser! We assigned her a birthday of October 1, 1996

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