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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Sasha N/A Pomeranian
Sabrina N/A Yorkshire Terrier
DeMop or Mop aka?Moppie 03/21 Silky Terrier / Yorkshire Terrier
Judy Pommerenke writes:

I came across your web site the other day at work so could not resist I had to send you phots of two of our "children" and tell you their story.

My husband and I, approximately ten years ago, adopted a Yorkie/Silkie Terrier. One morning a couple years ago, a friend called to ask us if we wanted another Yorkie, as she was grooming one and the couple needed to get rid of her. I said of course - she then told me that this couple also had a Black Pomeranian that was the "bud" and they did not want to separate. I had reservations as we already had three other dogs, however I felt that we could always make room for one more "plate" at our table. The minute we received these two into our home and set eyes on them my husband and I became a piece of melted chocolate in their paws.

Our little "Pom" seems to be the Queen Bee (even rules over the bigger dogs we have). Her favorite thing is playing ball and will play with you until you drop or finally take the ball away from her. When company comes she will pick up the ball and take it to them and bark until they finally realize what she wants.

The little Yorkie is a bit timid - her personality is surpressed, however she loves to be given attention and cuddled. At night she will lay on my desk as she waits for me to go to bed and then she will go to bed with me and cuddle under the covers between me and my husband. Later on she crawls out and kicks my husband off his pillow.

We live on two acres in a mobile home so all of our guys think they are "farm" dogs & so resent it when they have to lower themselves into getting that awful thing called a bath. I really enjoyed browsing through the other Pomeranians and reading their stories. Would love to see some Yorkies there as well. Our older Yorkie/Silkie (DeMop) has such a beautiful personality.

DeMop or Mop aka?Moppie was born on March 21, 1994, his Mommy was a Yorkie and his Daddy was a Silkie. We bonded with him from the day he was born?and I could fit him in one hand.

When he was?barely 10 weeks old he made his first trip with us and from that time on he feels he must go - two airplane trips and many car trips.?He loves living in the country because then he?doesn't have to go to the "beauty parlor" - hates the dreaded word bath and when he hears it heads for under the bed. He, however loves to go into the pond after a long walk.?That is where this picture was taken.

The thing I have noticed about him is that he is such a happy dog and shows it with his?"smile" and when?things are out of sort in the house he shows it.?My husband and I?love him so much - we never realized we could be as attached to a dog as we have this one.?He is truly "Man's Best Friend".?

Thanks again for posting their pictures.

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