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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Kylie 02/01 Australian Shepherd
Skye 11/05 Border Collie
Sarah writes:

Kylie is a registered Australian Shepherd, but she would rather play with cats than herd sheep. "Kylie" is an Australian Aboriginal word for boomerang. We like to say she's only a "boom", she can run away but she hasn't learned to come back yet. Her greatest talent is jumping so that her face is level with mine (about 5 feet).

Skye is named after the Island of Skye in Scotland. Even though he is a Border Collie, he is afraid of goats and sheep. He is four years old, but we still call him "puppy". He is very loyal and obedient, my sister can get him to go swimming by calling him into the water, even though he hates to get wet.

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