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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Apple 03/22 Coton de Tulear
Carol Goodell writes:

Please note that previous pets which I have listed (Sparky, Scruffy and Little Einstein) are all stuffed doggies. But Apple Sparkle of Merry Hearts - we call her Apple - is a real live Coton de Tulear puppy. Apple is now 16 weeks old and she weighs 6.84 pounds according to her vet.

Apple's favorite toys are Horsey (from Aunt Cindy), tennis balls (from Grandma Bev), and Froggie and Pie (from Mommy). Apple attends Puppy Class and has a boyfriend there, a Havanese named Barkley. Apple loves to hide her treats and toys in various corners of the house. She always hides Horsey at one end of the dining room. She loves to hide edible treats under boxes if she can. She's going to enjoy her first Easter Treat Hunt next year! : )

PS. "Steve Wozniak, inventor of the Apple computer and co-founder with Steve Jobs of Apple Computer, is my Godfather. AAARRRFFF!"
- Apple

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