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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Lucy 02/14 Rat Terrier
Sheena 07/31 Siberian Husky
Jenn Wong writes:

Sheena is the skipper of our happy crew. Lucy is her little buddy, a split personality between Santa Lucia and Lucifer. She has what our vet kindly calls "a fiber preference," which means Lucy doesn't want your old shoes to chew on, she wants hand-knitted afghans, hand-made upholstery, and Sheena's bed - or our son's bed.

Mostly she settles for anything covered in fake sheepskin, preferably with a squeaker; and ragbones with knots. She loves to sunbathe, but she burns and freckles easily. Her joys are cuddling, sniffing, and batting my mother's poodle.

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