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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Gemma Jamima 09/29
Trinity Sue 07/02 Mutt / Labrador Retriever
Mark Lavelle writes:

Trinity came to us about twelve years ago from the local Humane Society's Shelter. She was about one year old at the time, and was there as a stray or run away. She is a wonderful "people" dog, obviously having been socialized before we got her. She basically took over as soon as she was acclimated to her new home.

Our other dog at the time, a beautiful Siberian named Tanya Mae, assumes the subservient position to the young, energetic upstart. They learned to play together and chase each other around the house and yard. Sadly, Tanya succumbed to cancer and old age a year or so later. That's where Gemma's mother, Brandy came into our life.

We rescued Brandy from an abusive home, where she was carrying a litter of puppies at the time. Brandy gave birth to Gemma (and nine other little fur-balls) about a month after we took her in. As the litter grew, we placed one in a new home, but couldn't find suitable homes for the rest. We decided to keep two and hope the Humane Society could find homes for the other seven. Gemma and her litter mate, Misty Maranda, grew up and got along famously. Just before they turned four years old, Misty contracted a bad liver disease and passed on to the Rainbow Bridge after we tried everything we could to save her. Gemma became quiet and reflective while she (and us) grieved the loss of her sister. The remaining three dogs settled into their positions in the "pack" and life went on. Fast forward to two years ago, and we lose Brandy to lymphoma, after almost a year on chemo. So the two remaining dogs, Trinity and Gemma re-adjust once more and carry on.

Today, Trinity, although thirteen years old, is definitely the dominate dog in the household, while Gemma, being the Omega dog, is the character of the lot, She is such a loving dog, requiring many tummy rubs every day and cuddling with "Mom" at night. I can't imagine life without either of them. They both give us so much for what they ask in return.

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