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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Doris Dog 04/15 Labrador Retriever / Pitt Bull
Michael James Wickler writes:

Doris was rescued from the streets of San Francisco, after being a stray and on-the-run. She wasn't adopted at the pound because she was a very withdrawn, anxious and depressed, a drooling piece of skin and bones.

Grateful Dog Rescue borded her until I saw her. Even though she was too nuts to connect with me, I knew she was mine and I hers, so I took her in. I had to carry her out from under the toilet to get her outside to go, and sat on the floor tempting her out of her darkness with hot dog pieces. After a few days of that she latched onto me and was afraid of separation and abuse for weeks and months. I worked with her constantly, and after a long while of me being completely at my wits end, she crossed over to see that life is good, and balls are really good. She is pure love, and other dogs have shown her how to be a dog. Even though she can be a pain in the ass, she's all mine, and I am all hers.