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Attila 06/18 Pomeranian
Jeanne Francis writes:

Hi! I'm Attila. This is a picture of me in my office. Well, it's Mom's bed. I wait here for her all day until she gets home from work. It's the best place for me to see her car coming. While waiting, I like to sleep, chew my squeakie, and work on my novel.

I have several hobbies. I love playing tug and fetch, and it's even better if Mom takes me outside to play. I watch the fishtank and play 'Fort DogDog' under the bed. It's not all fun and games tho! I have the important job of watching the house, and keeping the 2 cats under control. If it weren't for me, they'd have a moment's peace and we simply can't have that!

Dad works from home, but he's always in the office staring at one of his several new and/or vintage Mac's. Mom only has 2 (I don't care for the 2400, but her modded iBook is quite cool!). Dad hates the squeakie, but he takes me for my afternoon constitutional so I guess I can forgive his taste.

P.S. I'm going as a pirate for Halloween!

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