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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Ibiza 09/15 Mutt
Michael Wilson writes:

Rescued this incredible companion from the San Francisco, CA SPCA in Sept. 2003. She was said to be only 'hand shy', but little did I know there was a very once abused creature in my care now. Being a Physical Therapist and Massage Therapist, I believe in the healing power of touch! After 1 full year of 1-on-1 attention, care, massage, ( I know, lucky dog), and gentle guidence, I now have one of Northern CA's up and coming, Open Agility (NADAC) Competitors! Ibiza shines like the champ she is!

As she comes to work, travels, and is with me 24/7 our bond is good, strong and soild. She loves to give my patients that little lick or "woof" to reasure them that wounds heal......emotional or surgical.