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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Rascal 12/25 Pug
Trixie 11/05 Labrador Retriever / Golden Retriever

We got Rascal the Pug from a breeder when he was 9 weeks old. My daughter, Emma, saved for two years to pay for half her pug (I say she owns the back half). We surprised her (ok, we lied!) on Christmas day with her new puppy which she wasn't expecting for several weeks. He's a big squirrel chaser and bed warmer in a small (dog) package.

Trixie came to our family a couple weeks ago from someone who could no longer keep her. She's 9 years old and all love and devotion. She fit into our family of 4 humans and 1 pug like she has always been with us.

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dog friend
dog friend