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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Max 09/25 Miniature Schnauzer
Rocky 07/14 Doberman
Mike Kramer writes:

Max is a big clown. He has a life-sized Old English Sheepdog doll that he drags all over the house, constantly attacks Dave the cat and drags him all over the house, chases a laser, keeps us smiling throughout the day, and sleeps either with his head on my shoulder or under the covers. When he's tired of of sleeping, he burrows around under the covers in what we call his "Tremors" mode after the movie of that name. When I use my iBook in bed, he stands on my chest with his nose against mine, telling me to pay attention to him instead of the computer. When I ignore him, he walks on the keyboard or puts his head on the touch pad.

Rocky the Doberman is a gentle giant who loves everyone he sees us accept as a friend, but is a ferocious watch dog when strangers appear. He is very intelligent and understands a large number of words including bird, airplane, rain, stars, tree, go bye-bye, "other way", poop (he will do it on command), laser, house, and the standard ones like wait, easy, sit, etc. He learned at the age of 3 months to ring a cow bell on the front door when he needed to go outside. He loves little Max but plays too rough, so we have to separate them to keep Max from being injured. Mike Kramer New Braunfels, Texas Mac User since 1984, Apple user since 1979

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dog friend
dog friend