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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Lizzie N/A German Shepherd Dog / Husky
Bailey N/A Husky / Irish Wolfhound
Mike Riddles writes:

Lizzie grew up on a USAF Radar site in Alaska; Cape Lisburne LRRS (hence the name). She had a 150 sq/mi back yard, complete with muskox, caribou, brown and polar bears, the odd moose and people to play with. Her job was "Morale Officer" She then moved to Tin City LRRS, about 60 miles from Russia across the Bering Strait. But, she kept wandering off to the Inupiaq village of Wales and so I had to take her home to Anchorage, where she is spoiled and no longer leaps the fence and roams around town looking for parky squirrels. Bailey is a 100 lb oaf who wrastles the other three dogs, whenever he wants to.

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