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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Ella 10/13 Saint Bernard
Jean Barnicoat writes:

Ella was a stray picked up by the dog officer in a nearby town who called the St. Bernard rescue person that my husband had been corresponding with. I kept saying "nonono! No more critters!" (We already had a black lab, a golden retriever, a Moluccan cockatoo, an African Grey parrot, and a kitty who we never see. I wonder why.) Well, he went to "look" at the Saint and she stole his heart. He brought her home and she was a mess. No hair on her back end from malnutrition and fleas and extremely emaciated. And stink! Ohmigod! We found out later that she also had whip worm but not heart worm or lyme, thank you God. When she had been here a few days she started fighting with the lab and the golden and I said if she doesn't smarten up, she'll have to go! All of a sudden, she is actually playing with the two other dogs, she absolutely adores my husband who rescued her, and she has stolen my heart as well. She truly is a "Saint." The first photo is what she looked like when my husband brought her home and the second after many vet visits, lots of good food, and tons of love.

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