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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Shirley 05/16 Pothound (Grenadian Dog) / Pothound (Grenadian Dog)
Bella 04/27 Beagle
Michelle Abajian writes:

Shirley is from Grenada. She was living on the streets, unspayed and having one litter of puppies after the next. Poor Shirley was hit by and car and attacked by a pack of male dogs before she was found. She had several operations on her leg and lived in an animal shelter for a year before I found her. Last May, I brought Shirley home (I was living in Grenada) to foster her for a few weeks.

In late August, I left Grenada for a vacation in America and Shirley stayed with a friend. Unfortunately, Hurricane Ivan dessimated the beautiful island in September and Shirley was left stranded and homeless. I was worried sick. After a lot of convincing, I got Shirley on a cargo plane to San Juan, Puerto Rico and I flew down to meet her. Shirley isn't too fond of the cold New england weather but she loves living in America where food is plentiful (and fresh) and she has a home.

Bella is another rescue. She was found in a cemetary in Swanton, VT when she was a wee pup. Again, I brought her to foster her three years ago... I am a foster program failure. Bella and Shirley have a 14 year old sister Abby who is flat coated retriever. Shirley is in photo #1, bella is in #2 and Abby is #3

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dog friend
dog friend