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Gemma Gemstone 10/03 Pomeranian
alcozma writes:

Hi, I'm Gemma, I'm one spoilt little puppy! I have run of the house and loads of cool toys, my favourite is a little blumaroo neopet that was given to me when I was born, and travelled with me ever since! I live with my two mum's who adore me (they are flatmates!) we go for walks in the park twice a day whenever the weather is fine! I love the park, there are lots of my friends there! I also like to visit uncle Raja who has a big old english sheep dog called Albert - who is my best friend! Gamma and Cosmo live there (my cat friends) Cosmo plays with me but Gamma usually observes me from a high position! I have fluffy fur and don't mind a bath, it keeps me lookin' fine!