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Dog Friend #2001

dog friend
Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Isabella 08/14 Yorkshire Terrier
Vivian 12/07 Yorkshire Terrier
Sara Hayden writes:

Isabella is an absolute joy that goes to work with me every day at the nursing home. She won the "Take your dog to work" contest at Small Paws a few years ago. She suffers from kidney failure and is being treated by acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

Vivian is also a Yorkie and is going to work with me every day also. She has the perfect pet therapy attitude and will be a natural in this role.

Joker is our naked boy. He is a hairless Chinese Crested and he is already a certified pet therapy companion. He loves his work at the nursing home.

In November, we enjoyed a trip to Florida for two and a half weeks. Joker and Izzy loved the beach. Joker actually tans and burns just as human skin does so he was sure to wear his sunscreen when at the beach.

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dog friend
dog friend