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Dog Friend #2012

dog friend
Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Peanut N/A Beagle / Mutt
Little Bear AND Cocoa N/A Labrador Retriever / Shepherd
Jenny writes:

Peanut adopted US. She wandered in my yard as a puppy wearing a red collar. (Way too tight.) I tried everything to find her owner and only when I walked into a store and the clerk told me someone else found another one with a red collar, it was clear a whole batch was dumped. So we kept her.

Her buddy, our last dog Snickers, was an escape artist galor. Unfortunately he somehow managed to get off a line while camping on vacation and found the freeway over night. It was a very sad "vacation." And Peanut watches us burry his remains. SHE was every bit as depressed as we all were. (That was her buddy.) So we decided to go out right away and adopt a new puppy. Well... right up the road from us were "free puppies." Only two sisters were left and of course, we could not seperate them. So being insane as I am, we took them both. I saw both their parent dogs too. The father was the HUGEST black lab I ever saw!!! Mom was half sheppard half husky. So I guess these would be uh, Shuskadors?

My "girls." Cocoa on the left. (My son wanted to name them cocoa and hurshey. Enough with the food names so we compromized.) Peanut in center, and Little Bear on right. Not the best picture but just try and pose three dogs at once!

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