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Dog Friend #2029

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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Max 12/15 Labrador Retriever / Mutt
Katherine Fowler and Josef Osterneck writes:

Max is a very friendly dog, with us and our family and friends. At the same time, he's an excellent, alert guard dog for our home. He's a happy dog, happiest when outside, off the leash and running, especially in a wooded area. His long lean body enables him to run at top speeds. The three of us enjoy hiking. Max will sprint past us along a trail, but always comes back within minutes to be sure we're still there.

At home, he is spoiled and territorial. He sleeps often in the bed. He barks repeatedly when demanding playtime or a treat. And he will rarely let us get close to our cat, Linus, demanding all our attention. Yet, he is loving and loyal. As most dogs are to their owners, he's a special member of our family.