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Dog Friend #2057

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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Bera 07/04 Old English Sheepdog
Waldi 09/03 Dachshund
Claus M. Grutzka writes:

Those two are our more mature ones. Both over 10 now. Bera we purchased from her "parents". Waldi, number one Dachshund, was our first adopted one. He was on his caretakers arm, I went to pet him, he bit me. I smacked him (gently) and we've been best friends ever since. We absolutely adore one another.

I used to have a small computer retail business, which I closed in 2000. Waldi would always come with me. He made so many of my customers happy, I think many of them came back just to see (or hear) him. Now we have adopted two more Dachshund friends, another boy and a girl. None of them know any of those biological details, except for Pips, our tiny "female". She thinks she's one of the guys and is so lightening fast, the squirrels had learn to take an express lane from our bird feeders to the tree tops.