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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Daisy 07/08 Standard Poodle / Dachshund
Sharon Confer writes:

We got Daisy from a rescue group when she was about a year old in July of 2004. She had been hit by a car, had a dislocated hip, several broken bones and had to have her jaw wired and later rewired. Daisy was in bad shape when the rescue group found her, but she's doing great now. She's a really happy good natured little dog (8.5 pounds), and she gets along well with her sister Lizzie (a Silky Terrier). She was originally thought to be a Silky Terrier, but it turns out she's probably a miniature daschund-miniature poodle mix, so I call her a Doxoodle. We named her Daisy because a friend said (when we first got her) that she looked like Daisy Bumstead.