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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Queeny 04/20 Golden Retriever
Twix 04/20 Golden Retriever
Rana Mahmoud writes:

Queeny and Twix are my best friends. They support me a lot and they are totally obsessed with water. They just love it and as I live in a very hot country, and that summer is here, I love to go out and play with water with them. They just love playing which is something very normal...they're Golden Retrievers!!

But they are very very badly educated -- they just never listen to anyone, except when I shout, which is something I hate doing. But they're also very intelligent...You know, once Queeny and another dog were fighting, I couldn't separate them so I started calling for help. Twix ran away but came back a few seconds later with a big stick in his mouth. He gave it to me and with it, I separated the dogs by putting it between them...I was surprised and couldn't believe my eyes!!

Well anyway i don't have much more to say so...i hope u enjoyed reading this.

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dog friend
dog friend