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Dog Friend #233

dog friend
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Bailey N/A Pomeranian
Liz Glaser writes:


We recently purchased a computer from your company and want to thank you
for the great service.
Our next equipment purchase will come your way for sure.

We also feel a kind of bond with your company because we too own a SMALL

Attached is a picture of Bailey our 3 year old Pom.

Bailey is not only one of our best friends but he gives us hours of

He is featured here in his 1999 Halloween get-up.
He kept the outfit on for most of our party and was obviously the center
of attention.
Which by the way is his his favorite way to be, the center of attention
(he refuses to be ignored)
As you can see he is quite a ham for the camera as well.
He has outfits for other seasons which we will continue to send you
pictures of.

Bailey has grown up with two cats and has taken on many cat-like
qualities, which of course
does not win him any masculinity contests but it sure is fun to watch.

Thanks for the G4.

Eric, Liz and Bailey Glaser