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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Stanley N/A Labrador Retriever
Acsese 09/20 Maine Coone
Pauline Galinski writes:

This is my beloved Stanley who failed at the very last minute in his training to be a service dog - because he hated cats, definitely his only flaw. If you want a dog that loves everyone and everything, that is trained to top obedience level, has learned all the special skills like bring me the phone, pick up that dime, take this message to.... can pull a wheelchair out of the gravel and so on and on, Stanley would be the boy for you, unless if course you had a cat. Stanley lived with us until he died at age 13. Still miss him. Below is the cat I couldn?t have till now- Camcoons Acsese of Quasarcats (known as CC) a former grand champion Maine Coon who is more dog than cat.

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