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IDZEE 12/14 Pug
Barb Perry writes:

Name's "Id-zee". People kept askin' my human mom "Wha Idz--eee?" (Like, what AM I?) Helllooo---what ARE you? My mom is a pug and my dad is an English Bulldog---pretty cute mix if I do say so myself.

I romp with five other dogs--all bigger (waaay bigger) than I. I can keep up pretty well and when it looks like I'm about to be tackled, I drop and roll, just like a football player! I lay low in the ground cover and just when one of them has forgotten all about me, I pounce out and we run and run---then, comes the tackle! Yep, I snore---"sweetly", my mom says. No drooling tho---yuuuk!

My person loves me very much--she got me because she missed her 15 year old puppy mill rescued pug, Buster who went to heaven last year. She says we're so happy--we never have a bad day! Pretty good company to have around. She says she'll keep me. Happy day!!
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