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dog friend
Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Rags 06/25 Kerry Blue Terrier
Lucy 09/01 Mutt / Irish Wolfhound
Andrew Gow writes:

Rags and Lucy are great friends. They're both Irish breeds and apparently shouldn't get on because there's quite a class distinction between the Wolfhound and the Kerry Blue, but Rags and Lucy don't seem to observe human snobbery.

Rags is a pedigree, from champion stock. Lucy is a crossbreed that came from the pound. We went to the pound to get a dog for my partner's mother, who has a preference for small fluffy dogs. Lucy was so sad but also so gentle and affectionate, we couldn't leave her behind. I can't imagine how anyone could ever leave her. Now Lucy has a luxurious life, sleeping on the furniture and feeding too well, while Rags spends his days racing around like a crazy thing, barking and leaping all over her. They're chalk and cheese but an amazing duo.

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dog friend
dog friend