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Petie N/A Pug
Suzie Strauss writes:

Here are two pictures of Petie the Pug. He was only three months old in
these photos, but he will be one year old on October 5th, 2000. He is the
joy of our family. He is shown with his cousin, Henry the German
Short-Haired Pointer, in one of the photos. Petie gets along with all dogs
because he thinks he is a big dog too.

His best moments are when he first wakes up in the morning, rolls over onto
his back for a big stretch, and then gently rubs his eyes to wake up, or
when he is completely tuckered out from following the lawn tractor around
and around the yard. Nothing like having green legs!

He enjoys chasing our cat around the house as well as eating the kitty's
food. One thing Petie absolutely HATES is the kitty door, which opens into
the cellar. Petie can't fit into the opening, and this makes him extremely
agitated. He'll get that cat back somehow!

Well, that's all to report from PetieLand for now!

Suzie & Rob & Petie