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Charlie 04/21 Shetland Sheepdog
Rum writes:

He's called Charlie da Sam'mich Dawg because about 5 years ago, my mom, my niece, and myself went into a local Sam'mich (Sandwich for those not from N'awlins/New Orleans) shop and as I pulled open the door, an "Adopt Me" pix almost slapped my lil 7 year old niece in the head. Needless to say, the whole shop quickly learned how badly she wanted the soon-to-be-spoiled-rotten lil Sheltie mix that the shop owner had rescued from the side of a highway. We went in for a Sam'mich, and left with Charlie da Sam'mich Dawg, hence the new breed now known as Sam'mich Dawgs.

His 3 pix come from the 30 days we just spent in a hotel room in Houston, TX hiding from Hurricanes Katrina & Rita. #1. Charlie givin' da big brown puppy dawg eyes so I'll put da TV on Da Animal Planet channel. #2. Charlie watchin' Da Animal Planet channel AFTER stealing da remote. #3. Charlie telling me to be quiet while he's watchin' Da Animal Planet channel.

Enjoy, Rum (Charlie's gofer... lol)

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