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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Cartman 01/18 Shih Tzu
Diesel 08/10 Airedale Terrier
David R. Levine, MD writes:

Diesel, our first dog, is a steady-eddy. He is affable, loyal and relaxed around all people except the mailman whom he seems to hate with a passion. Bright and playful, he, at age 10, still has the puppy in him. I'd recommend the breed for people who had time to spend training and loving a great animal.

Cartman (his kennel name) is a adorable, gentle and playful little fellow but let no man or beast try and take his spot or his chew toy. He doesn't seem to know that he is small. He barks to defend, but no bite. Follows my wife everywhere. I'd recommend the breed as a good small dog.

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dog friend
dog friend