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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Ginger 06/16 Golden Retriever
Leonardo (a capuppy) N/A Cat
Christine Goldbeck writes:

Ginger is a Golden Retriever whose best friends include Leonardo, a mixed breed cat, and Sidnee, a 115-pound Golden Retriever who has no tail. Ginger loves fetch, hiking, swimming, washing Leo's head (he's got a doglick), trying to keep Sid clean (a full-time job)and doing Pilates with Christine.

Sidnee likes food, swimming and watching computer mouse tracks. He also likes to snuggle with Pugslee (a domestic long-hair cat). His favorite thing to do is lay at Christine's feet when she is working in the studio.

As for Leonardo, he is one of the four rescued cats that lives in this peaceable kingdom. Leo likes naps with Ginger and Sidnee, peanut butter and bellyrubs.

We'd offer to tell you about Maybelle, a cat who some times tolerate the aforementioned crew, but she doesn't want to share her story because today she is mad at Sidnee and Ginger for stealing her ball.

And, Angel, the other cat? Well she's a legend in her own mind. She lives on the third floor with the human teenager of the house. Both Angel and the teen have major 'tudes!

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dog friend