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Lina 02/14 Rat Terrier
Concetta Zito writes:

My sweetheart was born on Valentine's Day. I did not want to adopt her, but they kept "hounding" me, so I finally consented to take her in on a trial basis, with the understanding that I could return her at any time. She is my first dog, and as a puppy she about did me in. She dug holes in the walls, did what she wasn't supposed to do where she wasn't supposed to, turned my life upside-down, and did what puppies generally do (but I didn't know that. Anyway, somewhere in there, I fell in love with her. When she was 3 years old I found out she had cancer. I thought my world would end. Fortunately, we caught it in time and all we had to do was amputate her leg. You wouldn't even know it was missing. She's almost 7 now, and she is the joy of my life.