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Trixie 07/03 Maltese
Tom and Beckie writes:

Hi! My name is Trixie. My owners, in their infinite wisdom have confused me with many, silly nicknames like Tinkydog, Little Puppy Beep Beep, Pupster, etc. While I love going for walks around the lakes near my house, I especially love being lazy and loafing around the house.

When my forever Mom and Dad are home (they're teachers, so they're home quite a bit) they open the door and let me patrol the neighborhood from my glass door. I'm gradually teaching them my language. They attempt to woof, burff, snort, and sneeze well, but are having a difficult time with the accent. They'll get it.

My best friends are a one-eared cat named Skanky whom I torture with copious kisses and my siblings Ringo and Gracie. I also enjoying visiting my birth mom and dad, Branson and Bella.

I was given to my parents as a wedding gift. I was born on July 3, 2004; they were married on July 4, 2004. They took me home 6 weeks later. I'm also good at playing poker... specifically Omaha Hold 'Em and 7-Card Stud. Dad cheats, though. I also like Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat.

I like to protect my family from the German Shepheard and the Westie that live near me. People think I'm still a puppy, but that's ok. I'm fun!

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