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Colby 05/24 Labrador Retriever
Tracy Perry writes:

Colby is the BEST dog in the world! Born in Salt Lake City on May 24th, 1996, he has been a resident of Vermont since he was 1 yr old. It has been suggested many times that his name be changed to Lucky due to his long rap sheet of injuries. The two worst were the loss of his right eye when an adult male Golden Retriever bit him in the face when he was 9 weeks old and a Pitbull attack that ripped open his torso when he was 5 years old. Colby has healed well and adapted well from all his injuries and lives a very happy, leash-free life in the woods outside Montpelier.

Colby's ideal day would include a very large breakfast, a long walk in the woods with plenty of time for sniffing, chasing the tennis ball, some afternoon treats, a late day swim, a large dinner and off to bed with his mother's king size bed all to himself. Colby is the first dog I've ever owned and he truly is one-in-a-million. I should change my name to Lucky!

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